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  1. Susy

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    jegule spune-mi aceste jigniri mie, dar in fata oaie proasta, nu printr-un site..“U” trece acum prin ce am trecut si noi acum multi ani. Sa dea Domnul sa le vina investitor si sa nu treaca prin ce a trecut PETROLUL.Partea cu injuraturile ..le dau dreptate.Cand unii te huiduie, te injura si te fluiera tu ce le-ai face …i-ai aplauda?? Numai comentati aiurea pentru ceea ce au facut, ca nici voi la randul vostru n-ati fi avut alta iesire ;)Respect singura echipa a Clujului ..Respect “U” …MUIE ungurii ..MUIE chefere


    A pílula do dia seguinte não é nem deve ser considerada como um contraceptivo banal, é sim um contraceptivo de emergência que como o nome indica só deve ser tomada em situações de emergência e não de irresponsabilidade.A coca cola não diminui a eficácia da pílula, no entanto ao tomá-la incorrectamente, no caso ao não tomar nas horas certas, isso pode sim diminuir a sua eficácia.


    · Great tips on all three- particularly that stop in Aurora the photo makes it look plucked from the Scandinavian coutryside. Milk & Honey is my regular brunch spot because it’s down the street from me. If you head back in that direction, the huevos rancheros in individual cassoulets is an absolute nonegotiable. SO so good. I haven’t made it to Duchamp yet but if you continue heading southeast, I’d recommend Flo on Chicago Ave for bloody mary’s and a breakfast burrito. If you were to head northwest, Lula Cafe is worth ever ounce of a sterling reputation. Chicago does brunch better than most.


    Mä käytän Frantsilan yrttihammastahnaa. Suussa ei ole enää niin paljon haavaumia eikä hampaat vihlo enää niin paljon. Siinä on suomalaisten luomuyrttiuutteiden lisäksi just ruokasoodaa ja merisuolaa.Käytän kuitenkin 1-2 kertaa viikossa tavallista tahnaa, koska tämä hippitahna ei sisällä fluoria, jota kuitenkin hampaanhoidossa vähän tarvittaisiin. Ei kuitenkaan kuulemma joka päivä joten tämän pitäisi olla turvallista. 🙂 Uskon että tässäkin asiassa on hyvä ettei niin paljon sitten joudu niitä kemikaaleja kehoon niin paljon…


    When the … @047022221 When the did I ever say anything was hard? Please, tell me. Not anywhere did I say anything was hard. I was giving examples of the tedious work that goes on with zerg. Holy you are just like a woman.The thing is is that if zerg doesn’t get any spines when early expanding ZvP then the expansion can get raped so easily it’s not even funny. Terran, meh… if they get hellions then maybe 2 spines unless there’s enough roaches and lings (then it’d be a late hellion harass


    It’s all pops and buzzes from here, George. If there’s a nipple (a girl nipple) involved then I’m in, though. At what point do we need to quit booing Nutt as to not make our players think it’s directed toward them? I’m guessing at about 8 minutes into the first quarter. We still somehow win. Win I say!Arkansas – 34Oil Piss – 28Petrino tells Nutt this after the game:”Dick was leading the SEC in passing yards per game. Just imagine what I can do with Mallet next year. You’re fucked!”


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