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    I believe the most common reason properties fall out of contract are inspection issues that the seller refuses to remediate, or the buyer refuses to accept. I’d say the second issue is financing related (including appraisal issues). Third I’d put broken contingency chains (buyer can’t sell, seller can’t buy). Fourth, “cold feet” or “bidder’s remorse”.Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?


    en fait je lis là ce que je pensais je m'inquiètais de la consommmation par ex excessive qui pourrait etre faite d'avocatsje ne mange pas d'oléagineux (un peu d'amandes peut etre) je n'iame pas les noix… et le reste des oléagineux sont acidifiants il me semble ? en ce qui conceerne les graines ça n'est qu'exceptionnellement mais les sucres lents sont mon gros péché pas mignon du tout


    AB, "us:you are proudly and permanently distracted from all real issuesbyraceclassyour hmyour caryour own kidsyour own familyfox tvetci get that alreadyyou do not have to pereptually cc evidence of the same"Nothing will change or stop an egotistical maniac with an inferiority complex from displaying pathetic prideful grandiosity. fyi, he doesn't have as much as he claims. Most loud-mouths who portray themselves as better than other Blacks, are big liars.In the end, they end up with nothing, anyway. It's God's ironic way of telling them to shutup.


    Sep12Gil Thanks for the thorough review of Safe House, Movie Guy! I went online yesterday and rented Safe House before I left my office at DISH, and it was downloaded and ready to from my Hopper DVR when I got home Unfortunately, I have to agree that this was just another average thriller; I had high hopes for the movie considering the cast. In the end it was kind of forgettable. The action was solid but the pacing was off and there really wasn’t anything original going on in the film.


    Hi Jonny,What has happened to your superglue is called blooming and this can happen to any, it means that it’s either out of date or you are tying where there’s lots of mosture in the air which is the activator for the superglue. If it’s not bad you can varnish over it and this will clear it up, this is the reason why I always finish with varnish as this seals the head and stops the blooming.. The glue I use is Loctite Easy Brush..All the best Davie

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    It might not be too late for our country. I don't know what the answer is but perhaps a compromise somewhere along the line.Maybe a best practices (ugh, I hate that PC phrase)–elements of a directy democracy (which out founding father's objected to) with a representative democracy (which we sort of kind of have now).A marriage between the first democracy in Greece and the world's last true democracy.


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    Ohmigosh! I am laughing hysterically, just picturing Elmo with a drink in his hand. This is brilliant! I love the contradiction: a beloved children’s character has a bad adult habit.I so appreciate the element of surprise in this piece and the way you lead us along to the truth felt very organic. I went back to the earlier parts and I’m like “Of course…it is Elmo.” Nicely done.Now I’ve got to go share this with my husband…


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